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Science Education In A FUN Way Through Hands-on Exploration!

High Touch High Tech delivers 60 minute, in-school science field-trips that transform your classroom into a Living Laboratory! Kids become a real scientist and learn by doing the actual experiments. These programs are totally hands-on and totally participatory by each child.

And because our programs are centered on the individual child's experience, many programs can be adapted, upon request, to meet the needs of other grade levels as well.

Our experiments are structured to use materials that are safe and easy to identify. Students can duplicate many of these experiments at home with their parents.

Click on the links below to view our current Elementary Brochure and a complete list of available Elementary Programs.

"Students were completely engaged and participated actively in the program."
Carla Rivero Scott, SDC/SLD, Cohasset Elementary, Van Nuys, CA

"Really great! The children enjoyed it and learned a lot. It's great to have age-appropriate science programs available."
Carolyn Miller, Kindergarten teacher, First Lutheran School, Glendale, CA

Elementary School Brochure

Science Programs for Kids


Stimulate children's imagination & curiosity for science!


Our fee is $10.00 per student; teachers and parent chaperones are free of charge. Parents or the PTA/PTO typically pay this fee. There is also a $30 travel fee per day. $275 minimum booking fee for "First Time" schools. 2 class minimum for all other schools

Schools currently receiving outside grants may use them for High Touch High Tech programs.

"Terrific presentation. As I have a class consisting of grades 1 - 5 it is difficult to keep everyone engaged at all times but you did it. All students were actively captivated with the experiment. Thanks!"
Ms. Snow, Grades 1 - 5, Gault Elementary, Van Nuys, CA

Targeted Science Content Standards

Science Programs for Kids


Investigate how fun and interesting science can be through hands-on learning!


Reservations are required and must be accompanied by a $35.00 non-refundable deposit to hold your requested date.

Contact our office today or complete our on-line reservation form to book your in-school, hands-on science field-trip today!

We look forward to visiting your school soon!

"Our scientist was fantastic! The lesson was not just educational, it was a lot of fun. He had great rapport with the students and showed a thorough understanding of the science concept. All of my students were actively engaged in every aspects of the lesson."
Leakana Ly, 5th Grade Science Lead Teacher, Gault St. Elementary, Van Nuys, CA

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can teachers step out of the classroom while the Scientist is facilitating the program?
A: Teachers are requested to remain in the classroom throughout the program. We encourage teachers to participate and rely on their feedback to assist in our efforts to continuously improve upon our FUN and exciting hands on science experiences.

Q: How should I set up my classroom in preparation for the Scientist?
A: Our Scientist and your students will need either desk tops or table tops at which to conduct their hands-on science experiments. Please arrange the desks in groups of four if possible. We also ask that you have a Chalkboard or Dry Erase board available for use by our Scientist. Note that some programs may require access to water; therefore, access to a sink and tap would also be helpful.

Q: Can I pay for a HTHT in-school field trip with grant dollars that have been awarded to my school?
A: Yes. Many schools pay for their High Touch High Tech programs with grant dollars received via the 21st Century Grant, Eisenhower Grant and several Local & State Grants.

Science Programs for Kids


Involve students by becoming REAL scientists performing REAL experiments!

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