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Elementary Schools, Afterschools, Preschools, Summer Camps, Scouts and Sizzlin' Science Birthday Parties. Click on the link below to view our Universal Brochure and learn more about the various services provided by High Touch High Tech.

Now featuring Summer Camp Programs and Sizzlin' Science Birthday Parties!

Visit our Summer Camp and Birthday Party pages to learn more about our exciting hands-on science experiences. Contact our office or complete our on-line reservation form to book your next High Touch High Tech program.

Attention Grade Chairs

Each year, High Touch High Tech serves thousands of elementary school children. Our programs are the #1 choice among Teachers, Administrators, Parents and especially the Students. High Touch High Tech programs are aligned with the California Science Content Standards.

New Elementary Programs for 2017

Edison's Workshop 2.0©
Amp up the study of electricity as you take Edison’s workshop to the next level! Students will discover the science behind modern-day light bulbs and light emitting diodes. Students will create an electric circuit with a colorful LED and tape made of copper! Have FUN with electromagnets when students work together to design a spinning motor. Discover the basics of circuits and how a battery, wire and bulb can light their curiosity.

Gravity Games©
Experiment with the force discovered by Isaac Newton over 300 years ago. Learn how centrifugal force keeps the earth from falling into the sun and a cup of water from spilling on your head!

Contact our office or complete our on-line registration form to book your High Touch High Tech hands-on science in-school field-trip today!

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